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No story lives unless someone wants to listen. So…

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KONY 2012 (by invisiblechildreninc)

Every single person needs to watch this. Right now.


Today the beautiful, strong Hana Hwang passed away. Thankfully her dream came true and she got to meet her biggest inspiration, Selena Gomez just days before it was her time to go. RIP Hana Hwang <3

i don’t care if this fits my blog or not, or if i lose followers, this is the saddest story i’ve seen. :’c it made me so sad.

seriously if this isn’t on your blog at some point and time I am going to judge you

this is why i love her so much omg

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The prostitute went to heaven for giving water to a dog.

The religious man went to hell for thinking his actions could get him to Jannah without Allah’s mercy.

You’re not God. You don’t know anyone’s fate. Don’t judge.

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